A Newer Competitor Attracts Attention from Users of Fishbowl and QuickBooks

QuickBooks has become a business-critical tool for a great many smaller manufacturers and wholesalers around the world. While their larger competitors typically rely on enterprise-level software solutions, smaller, more agile companies often find that QuickBooks makes for a better fit. While QuickBooks itself is an impressively powerful and capable system, it does not cover every need that manufacturers and wholesalers typically have. QuickBooks alone, for example, will not provide any assistance with the difficult inventory and supply tracking problems that most such concerns face on a regular basis.


For that reason and because of the basic usefulness of QuickBooks itself, many companies in these fields have traditionally sought out other software that would integrate well with the accounting package. For many in the recent past, that has meant turning to solutions like the Fishbowl inventory management system, a key selling point of which has been the way that it cooperates with QuickBooks.

While that can seem like a valuable enough contribution, the fact is that many users of Fishbowl have become less satisfied with that product, especially compared to how well QuickBooks might work for them. A great number of these grudging users have nonetheless struggled along with this less than optimal inventory management system, simply because of the fact that it cooperates well with QuickBooks.

In recent times, though, awareness has been increasing as to the existence of a more satisfying fishbowl replacement. The system detailed at numbercruncher.com, many now believe, works just as well as Fishbowl with QuickBooks, while also delivering a lot of valuable functionality of other kinds.

For one thing, the system makes it easier for many users to get quick, accurate assessments of the latest inventory and supply developments. While Fishbowl does provide some reporting functionality of its own, that has never been thought of as a particularly strong suit of the system by most users.

Another important feature of this newer competitor is that it goes well beyond cooperating with just QuickBooks alone. With built-in adapters that talk to the software interfaces provided by a huge range of shippers, suppliers, and others, it does for these other platforms what so many users value about Fishbowl and QuickBooks. As a result, interest in this new solution has been rising rapidly.